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Finance Planning

If you are buying: Meet and work with the best lenders and financial specialists in the area to help design a proposal that caters to your buying demands. Get an intricate summary of financing strategies built around your loan.  

If you are selling: All-inclusive CMA report that helps determine listing prices and aid you in getting top offers for selling your home.

Professional Real Estate Guidance

If you are buying: The entire home buying process can be a precarious and stressful event with unexpected barriers; causing frustration to any potential buyer. With representation, be ahead of the game and stay informed all the way through closing to beat the competition. Get counsel on critically important timelines to help navigate through those crucial contract dates. 


If you are selling: Work with a trusted professional consultant that will provide a firm presence on your behalf. Always stay informed and maintain that necessary leverage throughout the entire process. Be equipped with an arsenal of best-in-the-business, knowledgeable, loyal and honest professionals with access to agency-exclusive resources and top local contractors at your direct disposal. 

Property Valuation

If you are buying: Have 100% total confidence at the table! Receive full disclosures and in-depth explanations about the range of financial options available to you to help secure your next offer. 



If you are selling: Net top proceeds and maximize the ROI from your home with an intensive and comprehensive plan that incorporates a proven 3-step selling method, designed to complement each unique homeowner.

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